This is our sock-story

Storfot® Socks started in Sweden 2017 with an idea of offering our customers one-colored quality socks in black, gray and white at fantastic prices.

Along the journey the feedback has been amazing!

When we look back, alot has happened in Storfot's realm. We don't want socks to be just something regular and necessary you put on your feet - we want you to colorize your feet with orange, raspberry red, blue and striped! When you think of Storfot® you should think "Amazing quality on classy socks".

Storfot® Socks Dresscode

Why stick to one kind or color of socks? Here you can pick and choose socks for men and women in different colors and sizes. Our king size socks fit sizes 45-51 and our regular socks collection fits sizes 38-44. Honestly, it doesn't matter what your dresscode is - our socks are one-colored, classy and timeless so you can complete your looks to the fullest - not least your feet!

Our passion for style and quality

During the first productions of our Storfot® socks we tested and  tweaked, tested and tweaked. We asked alot of our first-triers for brutal feedback. The result we finally landed in is mid calf socks like no other!

Socks inspired by the swedish forest

When we select colors for the Storfot® socks, we look to the swedish woods up north, breathe and take it all in. After this we work our socks off to get you the most awesome one-colored socks to fit all your style needs. Keep true, and keep beastin!